“Catz is a wonderful College. The staff are supportive and listen, and do whatever they can to help out in whatever way necessary. The welcoming atmosphere creates a good place to live, work, chill out and just generally enjoy Oxford life in.”  

Helena, MSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Management

There are approximately 120 single study bedrooms for graduates.

Our standard graduate residential agreements run for 38 weeks, allowing you to remain in your room during the Christmas and Easter vacations. All students are required to sign a residential agreement prior to arrival.

Main College Site


78 single rooms with en-suite facilities are on the main college site, next door to the Ainsworth Graduate Centre. These rooms are grouped on staircases in the traditional Oxford manner, each floor having its own mini-kitchen.

photo (c) John Cairns

St Catherine’s House


A further 39 rooms are located in St Catherine’s House on Bath Street, a 15 minute walk from the College. Located just off St Clement’s Street, Catz House is a 5-10 minute cycle from central University departments and a 15 minute cycle from the Oxford hospitals in Headington. The Catz sports grounds are around the corner, and the University sports centre and swimming pool are just 10 minutes away.

The rooms at Catz House are arranged in clusters of 3, 5 or 6 rooms with shared bathroom and cooking facilities. Catz House is situated on a quiet street, with many rooms having views over the Angel and Greyhound Meadow. These rooms are designed to be self-catering, but like all other members of the College, Catz House residents are welcome to take meals in the College hall.

How to apply

If you would like to express a preference for college accommodation when submitting your application to the University, please tick the box provided on the application form.

When allocating accommodation, priority is given to those coming to the College from the greatest distance and therefore likely to experience difficulties in the local accommodation market. Decisions regarding the allocation of College accommodation are made during July.

Please note, the College does not have any accommodation for couples or families.

College Closure Periods

The College completely closes for two weeks over Christmas and New Year and one week over Easter, and may also close for two weeks during August. During this period all College staff are on vacation except for the Maintenance Department. For students living in College over this period there is no catering provided and no support from cleaning or administrative staff. Maintenance uses these few weeks in the year to complete major project works; over this time heating, water and electricity may be cut off for temporary periods.

University Accommodation

University accommodation is an alternative to College accommodation for full-time graduate students. The University’s Graduate Accommodation Office lets rooms, flats and houses in and around Oxford City Centre, on sites owned by the University. As soon as you receive an offer of a place on a University course, you become eligible to join their accommodation waiting lists. We recommend that you apply for University accommodation as early as possible.

The University StudentPad site is a great resource for searching for University, College and private housing in Oxford. It displays a range of rooms, flats and houses for individuals, couples and families. All accommodation featured has the relevant Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificates, Tenancy Deposit Scheme details and EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) where applicable.

Private Housing

There are many online sources to help find suitable private housing. Private accommodation is advertised regularly on both the Daily Info and University Gazette sites. The Oxford University Student Union also produces an annual Living Out Guide, which takes students through the steps of finding private accommodation, and offers lots of local contacts and advice. This guide is recommended for anyone who is new to Oxford.