St Catherine’s College redefines Oxford and is committed to access for all. St Catherine’s can trace its roots back to 1868, when a ‘Delegacy for Unattached Students’ formed. This delegacy enabled students to be members of the University without being a member of a college, thus avoiding the prohibitive costs of an Oxford college.




We host a variety of school and college visits at St Catherine’s College throughout the academic year. A typical visit usually involves the following:

  • ‘Oxford Explained’ Presentation
  • Q & A with current students (during term-time)
  • Tour of College
  • Lunch in Hall (provided free-of-charge)

We can also provide two other types of sessions. Firstly, workshops on university life, post-16 decisions and university applications amongst other topics. Secondly, we can run academic session where academics provide an insight into research and teaching at university. We are very willing to tailor the visits to the needs of your students, if at all possible, so please do contact us  by emailing us at admissions@stcatz.ox.ac.uk to discuss ideas.


It may be possible for a representative of the College to visit your school or college to give an ‘Oxford Explained’ presentation. Please email us at admissions@stcatz.ox.ac.uk to enquire.


If you are unable to attend the University of Oxford Open Days then you can visit the college at another more convenient time. You can book a tour of the College by emailing admissions@stcatz.ox.ac.uk. Alternatively you can report to the Porters’ Lodge on arrival where you can collect a prospectus for the college and a map for a self-guided tour. Please note you will not be able to access any of the buildings. If you are unable to visit Oxford you can also look at our social media pages, website, videos and interactive map.



Flagship Outreach Events

The Catalyst Programme

In an exciting new initiative, we have established a major new outreach programme working to raise pupils’ aspirations regarding higher education. For more information please visit our webpage.

Northern Ireland Residential Summer School

In June 2015, Catz ran its first annual Summer School for Northern Irish students in collaboration with New College. The Summer School takes place at the end of the summer term and is designed to run up to the Open Days, allowing Northern Irish students to make the most from a single visit. The students are given the opportunity to experience life as an Oxford student, staying in College accommodation, eating meals in the College dining hall and attending tutorials. There is also a programme of events for teachers, including a Q&A session with tutors.

Women in Science Day

St Catherine’s College will be running a Women in Science Day on 27th May 2020 for female Year 12 pupils who are interested in studying Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Medicine (STEMM) at university. The programme, which will take place at St Catherine’s College, will include workshops by University academics designed to inspire students and give prospective students a real feel for student life.

Modern Languages Taster Day

St Catherine’s College will be running a free Modern Languages Taster Day on 26th May 2020 for Year 12 pupils who are interested in studying Modern Languages and/or Linguistics at university. The programme, which will take place at St Catherine’s College, will include workshops by University academics designed to inspire students and give prospective undergraduates a real feel for the languages course.


Open Days

If you are thinking of applying to the University of Oxford then we would encourage you to find out more about St Catherine’s College by attending one of our Open Days. The College will be open for the next main University Open Days, which are scheduled for Wednesday 1 July 2019, Thursday 2 July 2019, and Friday 18 September 2020.

There is no need to book to attend our Open Days – everyone is welcome! We will be open from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm. Full details can be found on our College Open Days page.



St Catherine’s College works in collaboration with a number of schemes and charities, hosting and supporting access events and initiatives.



The Pathways Programme is an initiative coordinated by the Colleges of the University of Oxford. The programme aims to provide information, advice and guidance on higher education and Oxford to academically able students, and teachers, in non-selective state schools with little history of student progression to Oxford. All of the events are run in Oxford, and are free for students to attend. If you are a teacher wishing to apply on behalf of students please see the Pathways website.

Target Oxbridge


The Target Oxbridge programme aims to aid Year 12 Caribbean and black African students, and mixed race students with Caribbean and black African heritage, in getting into the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. This is done through a programme of tailored support and information. St Catherine’s College is proud to support this scheme financially and in kind. For more information on the scheme please visit the Target Oxbridge website.



UNIQ is the University of Oxford’s flagship outreach programme. Its aims are to raise aspirations of students attending state schools and provide information on higher education and applications to the University of Oxford. Preference is generally given to those from areas with low progression to higher education and/or low socio-economic status backgrounds. Students that apply may go on to be selected for either a Spring residential, Summer residential or UNIQ Digital, all provided free of charge. For more information please see the UNIQ website.

The Brilliant Club


The Brilliant Club, is a educational charity that aims to increase the number of pupils from under-represented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities. They use PhD students to provide tutorials to small groups of pupils and increase their interest in learning and academia more generally. St Catherine’s College hosts several events in collaboration with The Brilliant Club throughout the year. For information see The Brilliant Club website.


External Information and Resources

For more information and resources relating to widening access and participation please visit the University of Oxford Access web page.  For access to more digital resources please visit this web page.


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