At Catz we’re surrounded by nature: situated on an island in the river Cherwell, with meadows and the University Parks on our doorstep – and that’s not to mention our gorgeous grounds.

We’re keen to protect and preserve our environment for now and for the future. Here you’ll find out what we’re doing to achieve this – and how you can help us get there.

To do this, we’re acting through three core pillars:

Built environment and domestic operations

We will continue to consider environmental and sustainability issues at the heart of every decision made in our buildings and domestic operations.

We will seek to build on the fundamental design principles which embodied these concerns in the initial construction and subsequent development.

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Research and learning

We consider that the application of intellectual capital is by far the most valuable and impactful way in which we can positively influence the future direction of climate change.

We will continue to champion the research carried out by our fellows and researchers, and instil a positive, informed and enthusiastic culture in our students.

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How we’re working together

We will engage with the whole community; our academics, support staff, and students, as well as our suppliers of goods, services and utilities, contractors, visitors, and conference guests.

By informing, assisting and involving them in making positive choices including lifestyle and travel, we aim to set an inspiring example to all.

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