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At St Catherine's we're all about students fulfilling their potential: whether that be in tutorials, in lively reading groups, or among student-run societies.
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Collecting your Degree


University of Oxford degrees are conferred at degree ceremonies, held in the Sheldonian Theatre. You may graduate in person or in absence, either straight after you’ve finished your degree, or later on. If you choose to graduate in person, you will be presented by St Catherine’s College.

  • If you are a current undergraduate or taught graduate student you will automatically receive an email towards the end of Michaelmas Term during your final year with instructions regarding when and how to book your degree ceremony.
  • If you are a current graduate research student, or a part-time taught graduate student on certain courses, you will automatically receive an email with instructions regarding when and how to book your degree ceremony, once you complete your course and are granted leave to supplicate. If you do not receive an invitation at this time, contact the University’s Degree Ceremonies team.
  • If you have already completed your degree and haven’t yet graduated (or if it is more than 21 terms since you matriculated and you completed a BA or BFA ,and you wish to receive an Oxford MA), please complete the online St Catherine’s degree ceremony waiting list form.
  • Please see the University website for degree ceremony FAQs and more information.
  • St Catherine’s usually attends degree ceremonies held in the Sheldonian Theatre at 2.30 pm however we would require you to be at the College from about 11.00 am to complete some of the formalities and attend a briefing with the Dean of Degrees. There is also a reception for you and your guests. You are entitled to bring up to two guests (minimum age of seven) and both you and your guests can have lunch in College. This is free for you and there is a charge for your guests. Once you have a place confirmed by the University for a degree day you will receive a pack from the College Office with all the details, including which gowns to wear. If you wish to have an Oxford MA conferred there is a charge of £40.00.
Degree Ceremony Waiting List Form

Degree Ceremony Waiting List Form

Include any accents to appear on the degree certificate

Include any accents to appear on the degree certificate

If MA please include the subject of your BA

This should be a non-Oxford email address

A degree day brochure is provided to all guests on arrival at the ceremony. If you elect not to have your name published in the degree day brochure, please inform your guests in advance so that they know not to expect your name to appear and do not think there has been a printing error.


Replacing your University card


To request a replacement university card, or request an extension if your card is about to expire and you will still be a student, please complete the form below.

University Cards

Term Dates


Fixed Dates:

Academic Year 2020/21

Michaelmas 2020: Thursday 8 October to Saturday 5 December
(Tuesday 6 October for new students)
Hilary 2021: Thursday 14 January to Saturday 13 March
Trinity 2021: Thursday 22 April to Saturday 19 June

Provisional Dates:

Academic Year 2021/22

Michaelmas 2021: Thursday 7 October to Saturday 4 December
(Tuesday 5 October for new students)
Hilary 2022: Thursday 13 January to Saturday 12 March
Trinity 2022: Thursday 21 April to Saturday 18 June

Academic Year 2022/23

Michaelmas 2022: Thursday 6 October to Saturday 3 December
(Tuesday 4 October for new students)
Hilary 2023: Thursday 12 January to Saturday 11 March
Trinity 2023: Thursday 20 April to Saturday 17 June

Academic Year 2023/24

Michaelmas 2023: Thursday 5 October to Saturday 2 December
(Tuesday 3 October for new students)
Hilary 2024: Thursday 11 January to Saturday 9 March
Trinity 2024: Thursday 18 April to Saturday 15 June

Academic Year 2024/25

Michaelmas 2024: Thursday 10 October to Saturday 7 December
(Tuesday 8 October for new students)
Hilary 2025: Thursday 16 January to Saturday 15 March
Trinity 2025: Thursday 24 April to Saturday 21 June

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