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Doris Lessing – A Life Behind the Scenes

Peter Raina (1960, Modern History)

The Files of the British Intelligence Service MI5 In March 1949 the security service MI5 received notice of a suspect…

Heinrich von Kleist Poems

Peter Raina (1960, Modern History)

This collection of poems by Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811) translated into modern English rhyming verse by Peter Raina will bring…

George ‘Dadie’ Rylands

Peter Raina (1960, Modern History)

Shakespearean Scholar and Cambridge Legend Just once in a while, actors and performers change the whole way in which they…

Human Flourishing

Andrew Briggs (1968, Physics)

Scientific insight and spiritual wisdom in uncertain times For thousands of years, humans have asked ‘Why we are here?’ and…

Concepts of Materials Science

Adrian Sutton (1973, Metallurgy)

This short book sets out fundamental concepts that underpin the science of materials and emphasizes their relevance to mainstream chemistry,…

Physics of Elasticity and Crystal Defects

Adrian Sutton (1973, Metallurgy)

This textbook is a modern take on an old subject at the heart of materials physics. Properties of crystalline materials…

Rethinking the PhD

Adrian Sutton (1973, Metallurgy)

The traditional PhD is no longer fit for purpose. It fails students and employers. This book provides a blueprint for…

Carlotta the Musical

James Spellman (1981, International Relations)

Released with collaborator and composer, Filippo Cosentino, Carlotta the Musical is a story about a truffle-hunting dog, the family who…

Moving Verses

Professor Ben Bollig

From Wild Tales to Zama, Argentine cinema has produced some of the most visually striking and critically lauded films of…

Music for Unknown Journeys

Professor Ben Bollig

What is the purpose of travel in an age when millions are displaced against their will or have no home…

Speak Up!

Laura Coryton (2017, Women's Studies)

Written by Laura Coryton, who led the international campaign against tampon tax, Speak Up! is a vital and timely book…

Lives Between the Lines

Michael Vatikiotis (1980, Anthropology and Geography)

Lives Between the Lines tells the story of the author’s Greek, British and Italian family who arrived in Egypt and…

The Second Cello

Peter Neville (1965, Metallurgy)

A string chamber music novella, recounting the making of a quartet of instruments and their dispersal. The action moves forward…

Christ’s Hospital

David Taplin (1961, Engineeering)

This book celebrates nearly five centuries of a unique independent school founded in 1552 to educate and support disadvantaged children….

Bowler’s Name?

Tom Hicks (1998, Modern Languages)

Tom Hicks (Catz 1998-2002) won four Blues for cricket and was captain of OUCC in 2000 in the last first-class…

Localism and the Design of Political Systems

Rick Harmes (1968, Modern Languages)

This book examines localism as a political idea and policy approach and explains what localism is about, why it is…

Changing Places

Carl Tomlinson (1986, Modern Languages)

The place I was born is not in Lancashire any more. I grew up in what wasn’t the New Forest…

Existing: Selected Archives

Victor Chen (1966, Social Studies)

Like a beachcomber searching for some lost article of value, Victor Chen has browsed the internet, surfed TV news channels,…

The Year 2019-20

Billy and the Man Engine

Will Coleman (1981, Zoology)

Granny Rowse tells stories. Billy loves to listen. Granny tells tales of triumph and tragedy, of industry and innovation, of…

Beethoven: A Life in Nine Pieces

Professor Laura Tunbridge

Beethoven’s life remains shrouded in myths, and the image persists of him as an eccentric genius shaking his fist at…

The Defiant Spark

Annie Percik (1997, English)

Annie Percik’s debut novel is a fantasy adventure, set in a contemporary world without electricity, where mana powers everything. And…

A Rational Belief

Peter Wycherley (1960, Zoology)

A Rational Belief is an intelligent layman’s attempt to elucidate the relationship between God and Man from a contemporary standpoint,…

Park Life

Rick Thompson (1966, English)

A Year in the Wildlife of an Urban Park Park Life follows a year in the life of an urban…

Trust and the Islamic Advantage

Avital Livny (2003, Oriental Studies)

Religious-Based Movements in Turkey and the Muslim World In much of the Muslim world, Islamic political and economic movements appear…

Cover of Darwin's Psychology

Darwin’s Psychology

Ben Bradley (1971, Human Sciences)

This book presents a Darwin new to contemporary science, lighting a way forward for those who seek to base psychology…

Front cover of Notes from a Plague Year

Notes from a Plague Year: Spring 2019 – Spring 2020

Victor Chen (1966, Social Studies)

This book continues the author’s bizarre discoveries in how he has been used in “science” and history, including the “coronavirus”…

The Cambridge Companion to Theatre and Science

Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr

Theatre has engaged with science since its beginnings in Ancient Greece. The intersection of the two disciplines has been the…

The Year 2019

In The Time of Foxes

Joanne Lennan (2008, BCL)

‘A fox could be a shape-shifter, a spirit being. It could appear in human form if this suited its purposes;…