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The Frozen Sea

Piers Torday (1993, English Language and Literature)

The second novel in Torday’s Lost Magician series, The Frozen Sea, transports readers back to the mystical land of Folio….

Botanical Revalation: European Encounters with Australian Plants before Darwin

David Mabberley (1967, Botany)

David Mabberley leads the reader through the early European understanding of Australian flora.  Filled with beautiful illustrations, the book provides…

The Extraordinary Story of the English Apple

Barrie E. Juniper (1952, Botany) and David J. Mabberley (1967, Botany)

The apple is a staple of most kitchen fruit bowls, and to the ordinary eater its history is relatively unknown….

Opus 3

W. D. Jackson (1965, English)

Jackson’s latest work explores the emotional, physical, ethical and spiritual aspects of human life.  Forming part of his work on…

The Wiriyamu Massacre: An Oral History, 1960-1974

Mustafah Dhada (1977, International Relations)

Dhada curates a series of twenty-four witness accounts and testimonies of the massacre of Wiriyamu in this insightful work.  Issues…

An Introduction to Surface Analysis by XPS and AES, 2nd Edition

John Wolstenholme (1970, Chemisty)

An Introduction to Surface Analysis by XPS and AES, 2nd Edition (Wiley, 2019) This accessible second edition of the bestselling book, An…

Health at Work: Critical Perspectives

Katrina Pritchard (1985, Geography)

Health at Work: Critical Perspectives (Routledge, 2019) Engaging with some of the most debated topics in contemporary organisations, Health at Work:…

Fascism and Resistance in Italian Cinema

Dominic Gavin (1996, English)

Fascism and Resistance in Italian Cinema (Troubador Publishing Ltd, 2020) Italian cinema is one of this country’s postwar success stories; the…

Thomas De Quincey

Robert Morrison (1984, English)

Thomas De Quincey: Selected Writings (21st-Century Oxford Authors) (Oxford University Press, 2019) This book of selected writings, edited by Robert Morrison,…