Latest Publications

‘My Palestine’

Mohammad Tarbush (1972, Social Studies)

Mohammad Tarbush was born in British Mandate Palestine. As an infant, he and his family were forced to evacuate their…

‘The Commoners’

Nick Manning (1976, Modern Languages)

The Wimbledon and Putney Commons have attracted a host of remarkable people over the last 500 years. Aristocrats, politicians, theologians,…

The Year 2022-23

‘Exam Nation’

Sammy Write (1997, English)

Exams, grades, league tables, Ofsted reports. All of them miss the point of school and together they are undermining our…

‘Stories by a Russian Londoner’

Jana Bakunina (1999, Economics & Management)

Stories by a Russian Londoner by Jana Bakunina is a collection of short stories that explores how political events mould our…

‘The Oxford Handbook of British Romantic Prose’

Professor Robert Morrison (1984, English)

Explores Romanticism as it was represented in the works of its nonfiction prose writers, showing an exuberant Romanticism that was…

‘Mine to Die’

Rob Donovan (1967, Modern History)

There are many powerful stories in Mine to Die. They include the contrast between the lives of the rich mine owners and…

‘Landmarks in the History of the English Language’

Professor Keith Johnson (1963, English)

Landmarks in the History of the English Language identifies twelve key landmarks spread throughout the language’s history to provide a lively…

‘The Real Story of the French Revolution: Separating Myth From Reality’

Mike Wells (1968, Modern History)

The French Revolution was a period of radical political and societal change in the eighteenth century. Everyone knows about the…

‘Night Side of the River’

Jeanette Winterson, CBE (1978, English)

A ghost has no substance, but it has power – and presence – and it can appear in alternative forms….

‘Impossible Creatures’

Dr Katherine Rundell (2005, English)

There’s a place where all the wildest stories began … From Katherine Rundell, winner of the Costa Children’s Book Award,…

‘A Cultural History of Plants’

Professor David Mabberley (1967, Botany)

Winner of the 2022 Society of Economic Botany’s Daniel F. Austin Award A Cultural History of Plants presents a global exploration…

‘How to Expect the Unexpected’

Dr Kit Yates (2003, Mathematics)

Ever since the dawn of human civilisation, we have been trying to make predictions about what’s in store for us….

‘Tickling the Ivories: A Piano Journey’

Keith Jacobsen (1967, Modern Languages)

Pianist and author Keith Jacobsen tells the story of his lifelong passion for the piano as performer and teacher from…

‘Taking Down the Tents’

Michael Herlihy (1970, English)

Taking Down The Tents is an irreverent memoir about a boy growing up with typical 1960s enthusiasms who inadvertently qualifies…

Veins of Influence: Colonial Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in Early Photographs and Collections

Shalini Amerasinghe Ganendra

Veins of Influence, Colonial Sri Lanka (Ceylon) in Early Photographs and Collections is a pioneering monograph that brings a rich…

The Year 2021-22

‘Henri and the Magnificent Snort’

Samantha Childs (2000, Visiting Student)

Henri is a joyful French bulldog with a happy life… and a magnificent snort! But when his family moves, he…

‘The Politics and Everyday Practice of International Humanitarianism’

Dr Miriam Bradley (1999, PPE)

Offers a critical, but balanced, analysis of actually modern day humanitarianism Includes chapter-length case studies of the international responses to…

“Approaching Pipe Rolls: The Thirteenth Century”

Richard Cassidy (1966, History)

This is the first study specifically concerned with thirteenth-century pipe rolls and shows how pipe rolls were compiled, what they…

‘Jerusalem: The Story of a Song’

Edwin John Lerner (1972, English)

Jerusalem: The Story of a Song is a popular history of England’s unofficial national anthem, which began life as a poem…

Poisonous Tales: A Forensic Examination of Poisons in Fiction

(Dr Hilary Hamnett / 1999, Chemistry)

Dangerous, dark and difficult to detect, poisons have been a common character in literature from ancient times to the modern…

The Complete Guide to POI and Early Menopause

Dr Hannah Short (1997, Human Sciences)

Support for every stage of your journey through early menopause and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. Finding out in your teenage years…


Bernard Hughes (1992, Music)

Experience the complete works of composer Bernard Hughes for solo piano in this exceptional collaboration with pianist Matthew Mills. This…

‘Yorick, the Confessions’

Dennis Harkness (1958, Geography)

The Gravedigger is a joker. Why on Earth would Hamlet believe him? Of course it’s not Yorick’s skull! So the…

A River Avon Year: The Wildlife and History of ‘Shakespeare’s Avon’

Rick Thompson (1966, English)

This is a book about a river; its wildlife, history and folklore, and the remarkable people who have lived in…

‘Longford: A Village in Limbo’

Wendy Tibbitts (2011, English Local History)

Only the pandemic of 2020 has prevented the rural village of Longford in West Middlesex from becoming a heap of…

‘The Norse Myths That Shape the Way We Think’

Dr Carolyne Ann Larrington (1978, English)

A fresh look at the stories at the heart of Norse mythology, exploring their cultural impact right up to the…

Women in the History of Science

Rebecca Martin (2013, History)

Women in the History of Science brings together primary sources that highlight women’s involvement in scientific knowledge production around the world….

Folding Fantasy: Volume 1

Folding Fantasy: Volume 1

Peter Buchan-Symons (2013, Mathematics)

Fold a brand new collection of Fantasy-themed origami models by Peter Buchan-Symons, one of the UK’s leading origami artists. Designed for…