Catalyst is a sustained contact programme that provides pupils with tailored support at multiple points in their school career, as well as an opportunity to visit Oxford. Using a ‘hub model’ for each event, the schools take turns to host pupils from the other schools in the network. This means the College has a greater impact in terms of the total number of participants, and shares the administrative and logistical strain of organising large scale events with all schools in the partnership.

The name ‘Catalyst’ was been chosen to convey the positive notion of an increased rate of change: an increase in the rate of applications to top universities, the increased work rate of pupils with the extra drive to secure a place at their preferred university, and ultimately an increased success rate of applicants, are all key aims of this programme.

The programme consists of four key points of contact:

We also offer a Teachers Conference and an Essay Competition to all of our schools annually. You can find out more about each of the points of the programme and these events by clicking the images from the right hand side of your screen.

Our Catalyst Hubs

You can find out more about the areas in which we work and the schools we currently work with as part of the Catalyst Programme below:

Catalyst: Lewisham


Catalyst: Lewisham is the first hub in the Catalyst Programme and is a partnership between the College and eight schools in Lewisham:

    • Addey & Stanhope School
    • Bonas Pastor Catholic School
    • Colfe’s School
    • Conisborough College
    • Deptford Green Academy
    • Prendergast School
    • Prendergast Vale School
    • Prendergast Ladywell School

Catalyst: Haringey


Catalyst: Haringey is the second hub in the Catalyst Programme and is a partnership between the College and five schools in Haringey:

    • Duke’s Academy
    • Gladesmore Community School
    • Kelmscott School
    • London Academy of Excellence Tottenham
    • Woodside High School

Catalyst: Cymru



Catalyst: Cymru is the College’s first hub outside London. Launched in 2021, it encompasses 4 schools across the South Wales Valleys:

    • Ysgol Gwynllyw
    • Ysgol Cwm Rhymmni
    • Ysgol Gwent Is-Coed
    • Ysgol Llangynwyd


Catalyst: Teesside


Catalyst: Teesside is the newest  hub in the Catalyst Programme and is a partnership between the College and the following schools in Teesside:

    • Dyke House Academy
    • Grangefield Academy
    • North Shore Academy
    • Manor Academy
    • The English Martyrs Catholic School and Sixth Form College
    • Our Lady’s Stockton
    • St Michael’s Catholic Academy

Hear from our participants

You’ll find a range of feedback from students who have participated in the Catalyst programme, along with some images of some of our events, in the gallery below.

Meet The Team