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Professor Bart van Es named St Catherine’s College Pro-Master News

14 June 2024

Professor Bart van Es named St Catherine’s College Pro-Master

St Catherine’s College is pleased to announce Professor Bart van Es as the College’s Pro-Master. Our current Master, Professor Kersti Börjars, …

RAAC replacement solutions developed for St Catherine’s College News

10 June 2024

RAAC replacement solutions developed for St Catherine’s College

St Catherine’s College is pleased to announce that it has submitted the Planning and Listed Building Consent Application to address …

Catz alumna wins Author of the Year at The British Book Awards 2024 News

13 June 2024

Catz alumna wins Author of the Year at The British Book Awards 2024

Dr Katherine Rundell (2005, English Language & Literature), Catz Domus Fellow, has been awarded Author of the Year and Book …

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16 January 2024

Inken von Borzyskowski

Professor Inken von Borzyskowski
My research focuses on the domestic politics of international relations with an emphasis on international organisations and their effect on domestic conflict and elections.

10 October 2022

Malavika Nair

Dr Malavika Nair

I am a materials scientist with an interest in developing novel materials for biomedical applications. Currently, I work on exploiting the electroactivity of biomaterials to monitor therapy, deliver drugs, and encourage tissue regeneration.

12 May 2022

Anna Fowler

Anna Fowler / +44 (0) 1865 271 692

6 October 2021

Ludmilla Steier

Dr Ludmilla Steier

6 October 2021

Jack Hepworth

8 September 2021

Thomas Keeley

8 September 2021

Mackenzie Graham

Mackenzie Graham

8 September 2021

Orestis Adamidis

Dr Orestis Adamidis

12 November 2019

Sam Wolfe

Professor Sam Wolfe
I am Director of Studies for Linguistics at St Catz and also one of the French tutors here, whilst I am also Professor of French and Romance Linguistics at University-level.

1 November 2018

Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey

Dr Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey

23 August 2018

Bart van Es

Professor Bart van Es
I studied English at Cambridge and first came to Oxford as a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church in 1999, moving to Catz as a University Lecturer in 2004.

23 August 2018

Kirsten Shepherd-Barr

Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr
I teach the Prelims Victorian and Modern literature papers at Catz, and selected FHS courses such as Modern American Drama and Literature and Science. I also supervise third-year undergraduate dissertations.  My lectures in the Faculty of English cover topics in modern drama and in literature and science from the nineteenth century to the present.

23 August 2018

Thomas Adams

Dr Thomas Adams
Tom works in legal philosophy, with special interest in questions relating to method and social ontology, as well as the theory of public law.

17 August 2018

Peter Edwards

Professor Peter Edwards
I have been Professor and Head of Inorganic Chemistry since late 2003 when I relocated from my position as Professor of Chemistry and Materials at Birmingham University, 1993-2003. Before that I was at Cambridge University as Fellow and Director of Studies in Chemistry at Jesus College, 1979-1991.

17 August 2018

Heidi de Wet

Professor Heidi de Wet
I teach Physiology and Pharmacology to first-year pre-clinical medical students, as well as critical analysis to first-year, second-year and FHS students.

11 August 2018

Richard Bailey

Dr Richard Bailey
In College I tutor all aspects of the Physical Geography component of the undergraduate Geography course. In the School of Geography and the Environment I convene and teach 1st year statistics, 2nd year Earth System Dynamics and a final year option course on complex systems, and provide lectures to the Geographical Techniques 2nd year course and the Biodiversity Conservation and Management MSc.

1 August 2018

Richard Berry

Professor Richard Berry
In St Catherine’s I give physics tutorials in a range of topics, mostly to 1st and 2nd years. In the Physics Department I lecture in the 4th year major option Biological Physics and the 2nd/3rd year option Introduction to Biological Physics. I am the head of the Biophysics Practical labs in Physics, and I give guest lectures in the Bionanotechnology 4th year option in the Biochemistry department.

26 July 2018

Ben Bollig

Professor Ben Bollig
I teach all areas of Spanish language and literature to first-year students. To second and final-years I teach modern Latin American literature and film, as well as Spanish language (in particular translation from Spanish).

21 July 2018

Angela Brueggemann

Professor Angela Brueggemann
I have been at Oxford since 2000 – initially for my DPhil, followed by a senior research fellowship and then a departmental lectureship, which brought me to St Catherine’s in 2006.

19 July 2018

Andrew Bunker

Professor Andrew Bunker
I am an astronomer, and my main interest is finding very distant galaxies. I tutor a range of topics in physics for St. Catherine’s students in the first three years of their degrees, including special relativity, cosmology and electromagnetism. For the Department of Physics, I give a short option lecture course on “Stars and Galaxies” to the second and third year.

18 July 2018

Byron Byrne

Professor Byron Byrne
I specialise in Civil Engineering and geotechnical engineering, with current research interests focusing on the mechanics of soil and applications associated with offshore engineering. Most recently I have been concentrating on applications for offshore renewable energy structures, such as offshore wind turbines.

14 July 2018

Cressida Chappell

Cressida Chappell
In conjunction with the Senior Tutor, Cressida Chappell is responsible for the academic administration of the College, academic standards and teaching arrangements.

10 July 2018

Tim Cook

Professor Tim Cook
I was a student at Catz from 1966 to 1972 and was elected a Fellow by Special Election in Trinity Term 1999.

Following a career as an engineer and manager, I invested in, and led, two successful companies; Oxford Semiconductor and Oxford Asymmetry, a spinout from the University.

2 July 2018

Bill David

Professor Bill David
I read Physics at St. Catherine’s and stayed on at College to complete my D.Phil. in Physics at the Clarendon Laboratory.

29 June 2018

Andrew Dickinson

Professor Andrew Dickinson
My main area of research is private international law (conflict of laws), with a focus on the European Union instruments in civil and commercial matters. I also undertake research within the law of obligations (tort, contract). I teach Roman Introduction to Private Law (Mods), Contract (FHS), Tort (FHS) and Conflict of Laws (BCL/MJur).

28 June 2018

Jeremy Dimmick

Dr Jeremy Dimmick

I teach literature in English from Old English up to the early Tudor period, as well as the first-year Introduction to English Language.

25 June 2018

Andrew Elliott

Andrew Elliott

21 June 2018

Louise Fawcett

Professor Louise Fawcett
I teach aspects of political institutions to first-year students. To second and final-year students I teach International Relations theory and history and Middle East Politics.

16 June 2018

John Foord

Professor John Foord
I teach most branches of physical chemistry, with specialisation in aspects of surface and solid-state chemistry.

12 June 2018

Naomi Freud

Naomi Freud
I am a Biological Anthropologist and I teach Human Ecology to Human Sciences undergraduates. Human Sciences is an inter-disciplinary degree course that provides students with the tools to explore and study people in a variety of different ways.

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