I teach most branches of physical chemistry, with specialisation in aspects of surface and solid-state chemistry.

About me

I completed a BA degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in surface chemistry at Cambridge University, followed by spells as a Junior Research Fellow at Selwyn College, Cambridge and as a lecturer at Southampton University. At Oxford,  I serve as Tutor in Physical Chemistry at St Catherine’s and run an active research group as a Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry in Oxford, concerned with surface chemistry and nanomaterials.


Current projects are especially involved with sustainable energy, focusing on the development of improved electrocatalysts for fuel cells, along with the safe provision of hydrogen for portable energy applications.

Other research areas include the study of materials for supercapacitors and new types of chemical and bio- sensors, based on the use of synthetic thin film diamond, the self-assembly of nanostructured interfaces using templating techniques, and new transparent conducting oxide thin films for next generation electrophotonics.

Graduate teaching

Within my research group, I supervise the studies of D.Phil. students working on various projects connected with the research areas described above.

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