About me

I have been at Oxford since 2000 – initially for my DPhil, followed by a senior research fellowship and then a departmental lectureship, which brought me to St Catherine’s in 2006.

The Leathersellers’ Livery Company has supported St Catherine’s students with scholarships since 1894.  I sit on the Leathersellers’ Committee, which serves to maintain and further develop this long-standing relationship between the College and Company.  https://leathersellers.co.uk/education/

I am also involved with outreach, widening access, and women in science events for schoolchildren and am keen to present science and medicine in a way that is inspiring to children.

I am also one of three Deputy Deans of Degrees for the College.


The main focus of my research is the pneumococcus, a bacterium that is a major cause of diseases such as otitis media, pneumonia and meningitis worldwide.  My current research involves using genomics to understand pneumococcal evolution, especially changes related to antimicrobial and vaccine selective pressures.

Graduate supervision

I supervise DPhil students and am happy to speak to prospective students.

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