Catz Fellows of the Royal Society

Catz Fellows of the Royal Society

Catz Alumni and Fellows have made distinguished contributions in a number of fields and many of them have been recognised by Fellowship of the Royal Society. We highlight a number of them below, though this is no exhaustive list. If you are a Catz alumnus and a Royal Society Fellow, please contact the Development Office to be added to our list.


Professor Peter Edwards, Fellow

Sir Peter Williams, Master (2000 - 2002), Honorary Fellow

Sir Michael Atiyah, Honorary Fellow

Sir James Gowans, Honorary Fellow

Professor Sir Geoffrey Allen, Honorary Fellow

Professor Alan Katritzky, Honorary Fellow

Professor Donald Perkins, Emeritus Fellow

Professor Malcolm Green, Emeritus Fellow

Professor John Ockendon, Emeritus Fellow

Melvyn Bragg, Domus Fellow

Professor John White, Christensen Fellow (1991)

Professor Peter Wolynes, Christensen Fellow (1997)



Professor John Walker (1960, Chemistry), Honorary Fellow

Professor Anthony Cheetham (1965, Chemistry)