Studying in Oxford

Studying in Oxford

Academic Opportunities at St Catherine's College

St Catherine's College is able to offer to those coming as Visiting Students the opportunity to choose from the widest variety of tutorial courses offered by any college at Oxford. To provide you with an illustration of what subjects have been taken in the past by registered visiting students please click here.  The list continues to grow as our students' requirements and interests change. Double and triple major applicants can be assured that their academic needs will be accommodated. It would be very useful if those students making applications provide a personal statement or statement of purpose in which they describe what they would like to study and why,  whilst they are in Oxford.

The Tutorial System

Tutors are assigned in advance of our Visiting Students arriving in Oxford.  Students meet with a tutor on a regular basis, either singly or in pairs.  Each student is expected to produce written work for every tutorial for which reading lists are provided.  Tutorial discussion revolves around or springs from the written work. Students normally take two tutorial courses a term, a primary course of eight tutorials and a secondary course of four tutorials. It is possible to replace the secondary course with an additional primary course extending over two terms. Tutorials are supplemented by lectures. In addition to the College undergraduate library, students have full access to the University’s main research library, the Bodleian, and may have access to departmental/faculty libraries.

Applicants should select subjects according to their own preferences and the requirements of their home universities or colleges.


Lecture lists for all subjects are available on-line from the faculty for applicants to consider.  They demonstrate the breadth of subjects taught at Oxford.  Visiting Students are welcome to attend all lectures that are open to matricutated undergraduates.  This widens the scope of study for each student and provides them with the opportunity to investigate new subjects.

Grades and Credits

At the end of each term tutors provide reports of the term’s work together with a grade calculated in accordance with normal Oxford standards. St Catherine’s College can forward these reports and grades directly to the student’s home college. St Catherine’s College does not award credits or other formal qualifications.   It is the responsibility of students to make proper arrangements in advance of coming to Oxford to ensure that their home colleges award credits for the work done at St Catherine’s. (US colleges normally award one semester credit for each tutorial hour; thus students normally qualify for up to 12 semester credits for each term’s work.)

At the end of the students stay with us we give each student an official sealed certificate as a record of their time with us.