St Catherine’s College is committed to equal opportunities, and aims to provide an environment in which all students, employees, contractors, and visitors are treated with dignity and respect, and in which they can work and study free from any type of discrimination, harassment, or victimisation.

This section outlines the College’s policy on harassment and – through links on the right hand side of this page – provides guidance for anyone who believes they are or have been the subject of harassment. Please note that wherever harassment is referred to below this should be taken to include bullying, which is a form of harassing behaviour.

Information concerning allegations of harassment should be treated in the strictest confidence. Breaches of confidentiality may give rise to disciplinary action.



All staff and students are responsible for upholding this policy and should act in accordance with the policy guidance in the course of their day-to-day work or study, ensuring an environment in which the dignity of other staff, students, and visitors is respected. Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Harassment is a serious offence which is punishable under the College’s disciplinary procedures.

Heads of department and their equivalents, those with significant supervisory duties, and others in positions of responsibility or seniority, including students who fall into these categories, have specific responsibilities. These include setting a good personal example, making it clear that harassment will not be tolerated, being familiar with, explaining, and offering guidance on this policy and the consequences of breaching it, investigating reports of harassment, taking corrective action if appropriate, and ensuring that victimisation does not occur as a result of a complaint. Instances of harassment should be brought to the attention of an appropriate person in authority, such as a head of department or a senior college officer.

Staff should also bring to the attention of their head of department any form of harassment or victimisation committed by third parties using College facilities (e.g. conference delegates, contractors, etc).



St Catherine’s is committed to promoting awareness and understanding of this policy (and the accompanying guidance) amongst staff and students, and has therefore made this information available via its website.

The policy will form a part of every employment and student contract, and/ or relationship, and/ or contract for services. The College will endeavour to encourage a culture of non-tolerance of any form of harassment.

This policy and the accompanying guidance, which should be read in conjunction with the College’s Equal Opportunity Policy and Race Equality Policy, will be the subject of regular review by the Governing Body in consultation with other appropriate committees, including the Equality Committee.