Computer Science

Catz is the youngest and most modern of Oxford’s colleges: ideally suited to this most modern of subjects.

We are by far the largest college in Oxford for Computer Science, typically with 35-40 students studying Computer Science or one of its joint schools. We take the equivalent of eight full-time students each year (normally nine or ten students in total).  This means that Catz Computer Science students form a vibrant community, working together and supporting one another. Catz students are also active in the wider University, for example in the Computer Science Society.

Our students get excellent results, consistently above the average for the University: in recent years, about 60% of our students have obtained first-class marks in their exams, with several students winning University prizes.

We provide strong support to our students, giving them personalised tuition in small groups throughout the first three years of the degree, together with individual advice and support.

See a sample lecture from one of our Computer Science tutors entitled ‘Solving Puzzles via Graph Search’:

YouTube video

Course Duration

3 years full-time leading to Bachelors. 4 years full-time leading to Masters.

Places Available

There are 8 places available for this course.

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