Computer Science

Catz is the youngest and most modern of Oxford’s colleges: ideally suited to this most modern of subjects.

We are one of the largest colleges in Oxford for Computer Science, with 35 students due to be studying Computer Science or one of its joint schools in 2018-19.  We take the equivalent of eight full-time students each year (about ten students in total).

Our students get excellent results, consistently above the average for the University: in 2018, 60% of our students obtained first-class marks in their exams. Several students have won University prizes in recent years.

Students receive personalised tuition in small groups throughout the first three years of the degree, whereas many colleges do not teach beyond the core of the degree.

Catz Computer Science students form a vibrant community. They have established a Catz Computer Science Society. In 2017, a team of Catz students won the UK and Ireland Programming Competition; they then came third in the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest, and qualified for the World Finals.

Course Duration

3 years full-time. 4 years with work placement.

Places Available

There are 8 places available for this course.

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