Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics

St Catherine’s is one of the few colleges with a representation of a Tutorial Fellow in each of the three components of the Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics degree. Because of this, we are in the enviable position to offer senior-level supervision and teaching for all three of the subject combinations: Psychology & Philosophy; Psychology & Linguistics; Philosophy & Linguistics.

St Catherine’s has a large community of undergraduates: some are studying Experimental Psychology on its own and others are studying Philosophy or Linguistics in combination with other subjects. This means that there are plenty of other students within St Catherine’s with which to discuss work.

St Catherine’s is one of the colleges closest to the Department of Experimental Psychology. Although the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics are slightly further away, the walk across the town centre is very pleasant.

St Catherine’s has one of the larger college libraries in the university: a convenient place to work as well as borrow books, open until midnight during term. In addition, and a particular benefit to students across all three subdisciplines, librarians work very hard to update the collection with multiple copies of both key textbooks and more advanced publications.

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