Psychology (Experimental)

Experimental Psychology is by definition a highly interdisciplinary subject, with teaching and research spanning from Social Psychology and Intergroup Conflict to Behavioural Neuroscience. Therefore, studying at a College with a large representation of students and staff across the Social Sciences and the Medical Sciences is highly advantageous.

St Catherine’s has a large community of undergraduates across these fields. Students studying Experimental Psychology here interact continuously with students also reading Philosophy, Linguistics, Biomedical Sciences and Medicine.

St Catherine’s also has a large number of postgraduates working towards MSc and DPhil degrees across these disciplines.

Undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers meet regularly through the BioMed Society to ensure that undergraduates can be inspired by students and researchers in overlapping areas, but a few years down the line along their career path.

St Catherine’s is one of the colleges closest to the Department of Experimental Psychology.

St Catherine’s has one of the larger college libraries in the university: a convenient place to work as well as borrow books, open until midnight during term. In addition, and a particular benefit for Experimental Psychology students, librarians work very hard to update the collection with multiple copies of both key textbooks and more advanced publications.

Course Duration

3 years

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