St Catherine’s has one of the largest Biology departments with around seven or eight students each year, which, along with graduate students, lecturers and tutorial fellows, creates a diverse, vibrant and highly cohesive community.

St Catherine’s is traditionally one of the most successful Oxford colleges when it comes to Biology. A consistently large proportion of Catz biologists graduate with a first class degree and are awarded academic prizes; many go on in Academia by securing competitive PhD scholarships at Oxford and elsewhere, while others pursue successful careers in medicine, teaching, finance, government offices, the industry and the third sector (e.g. NGOs).

We are superbly placed to support Biology at Oxford. A very experienced team of tutorial fellows and lecturers, awarded multiple teaching prizes, lead a diverse research program, from structural biology to conservation, to offer first hand expertise across the whole discipline. We play prominent roles in the design, organisation, delivery and examining of the degree, and are able to offer tutorial support and pastoral care tailored to the needs of individual students.

Awaiting for a University building that will host a new Department of Biology, St Catherine’s offers a unique setting for Biology students. Conveniently located within ~10 min walk from teaching venues, St Catherine’s provides a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and excellent tutorial, teaching and revision facilities, including the Wolfson library with a great collection of biology books and journals, which is updated based on students’ feedback and requests. The grounds are immersed in nature and offer direct exposure to a diverse community of plants and animals (kingfishers, deer, foxes, red kites, damselflies, dragonflies, green woodpeckers, frogs and bats are frequent visitors, and even otters make their appearance).

Brilliance is commonplace here in Oxford. Our tutors possess a far rarer trait: they manage to be exacting and encouraging and a lot of fun, all at once” Mavis, 3rd year student

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