I teach Animal Behaviour, Behavioural Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

About me

I studied Zoology at the University of Aberdeen, did a PhD at the University of Sheffield, and held postdoctoral positions at Sheffield and in Sweden. I was appointed Lecturer at Leeds in 2003, and moved to Oxford in 2005 as University Lecturer in Zoology and Biology tutor at Catz.


I am an evolutionary biologist interested in sexual behaviour and its evolutionary and ecological implications. Our lab focuses on resolving different aspects of sexual selection, sexual conflict and promiscuity using a strongly experimental approach. I was awarded the ASAB Outstanding Young Investigator Award in 2005, and the Philip Leverhulme Prize in 2008. My publications include: Pizzari & Birkhead (2000) Nature; Birkhead & Pizzari (2002) Nature Rev. Gen.; Pizzari et al. (2003) Nature; Keeling et al. (2004) Nature; Løvlie et al. (2005) Curr. Biol.; Pizzari & Foster (2008) PLoS Biol; Dean et al. (2010) Curr. Biol.; Dean et al. (2012) PLoS Gen.; Collet et al. (2012) PNAS.

Graduate Supervision

I have supervised six PhD students, and I am currently supervising four additional PhD students on subjects related to sexual selection and the functional analysis of reproductive behaviour.

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