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Mick Finlay (1984, Human Sciences)

The Murder Pit (Harper Collins, 2018)

Sherlock Holmes has once again hit the headlines, solving mysteries for the cream of London society. But among the workhouses and pudding shops of the city, private detective William Arrowood is presented with far grittier, more violent, and considerably less well-paid cases. Arrowood is in no doubt who is the better detective, and when Mr and Mrs Barclay engage him to trace their estranged daughter Birdie, he’s sure it won’t be long before he and his assistant Barnett have tracked her down. But this seemingly simple missing person case soon turns into a murder investigation. Far from the comfort of Baker Street, Arrowood’s London is a city of unrelenting cruelty, where evil is waiting to be uncovered…

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Keith Johnson (1963, English)

Shakespeare’s Language: Perspectives Past and Present (Routledge, 2019)

Keith Johnson offers an overview of the rich and dynamic history of the reception and study of Shakespeare’s language from his death right up to the present. Tracing a chronological history of Shakespeare’s language, he also picks up on classic and contemporary themes, such as lexical and digital studies, original pronunciation, rhetoric and grammar. The historical approach provides a comprehensive overview, plotting the attitudes towards Shakespeare’s language, as well as a history of its study. This approach reveals how different cultural and literary trends have moulded these attitudes and reflects changing linguistic climates; the book also includes a chapter that looks to the future. Shakespeare’s Language is therefore not only an essential guide to the language of Shakespeare, but offers crucial insights into broader approaches to language as a whole.

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Paul Skinner (1995, Modern Languages)

Collaborative Advantage: How Collaboration Beats Competition as a Strategy for Success (Robinson, 2018)

The history of business strategy has been built on the idea that businesses must compete to win. But what if the competitive model of business is now broken? In today’s interconnected world, could strategies to create competitive advantage actually be holding businesses back? In this book, strategic consultant and social entrepreneur Paul Skinner presents collaborative advantage as a radical alternative to the conventional goal of competitive advantage. He develops a pioneering concept that can be applied to develop any business or non-profit organisation and illustrates this with groundbreaking examples of businesses that are putting the principles of collaborative advantage into practice around the world.

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Michael Wells (1968, Modern History)

The American Revolution 1740­–1796 and the USA in the 19th Century 1803–1890 (Hodder Education, 2018)

Michael Wells is a bestselling author of several OCR-endorsed A-Level History textbooks. This book aims to develop understanding of the time period through an accessible narrative that is tailored to the specification content and structured around key questions for each topic.

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Paul Whitehead (2001, Modern Languages)

Im Abseits: W.G. Sebalds Ästhetik des Marginalen (Aisthesis, 2019)

This monograph considers the question of marginality in the works of the German author W.G. Sebald (1944–2001), who, though having lived most of his life in England, wrote virtually all his prose and essays in his native German. Using Sebald’s papers and his annotations in the works of thinkers such as Benjamin, Scholem, Proust, Adorno, Lévi-Strauss, Bloch, Horkheimer, Canetti, Woolf, Nabokov. Kermode and Wittgenstein, the study constructs a close reading of the trope of marginality in the principle motifs of Sebald’s oeuvre: materialism and metaphysics, time and space, social criticism and the messianic. Sebald does not allude to marginality simply in order to evoke a certain philosophical mood of melancholy or elegiac reflection on the human condition. Rather, marginality emerges as the crucial aspect in the aesthetics of his literary production and, by extension, as a fundamentally ethical concern in his critique of modernity.

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