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A River Avon Year: The Wildlife and History of ‘Shakespeare’s Avon’

Rick Thompson (1966, English)

This is a book about a river; its wildlife, history and folklore, and the remarkable people who have lived in…

‘Longford: A Village in Limbo’

Wendy Tibbitts (2011, English Local History)

Only the pandemic of 2020 has prevented the rural village of Longford in West Middlesex from becoming a heap of…

‘The Norse Myths That Shape the Way We Think’

Dr Carolyne Ann Larrington (1978, English)

A fresh look at the stories at the heart of Norse mythology, exploring their cultural impact right up to the…

Women in the History of Science

Rebecca Martin (2013, History)

Women in the History of Science brings together primary sources that highlight women’s involvement in scientific knowledge production around the world….

Folding Fantasy: Volume 1

Folding Fantasy: Volume 1

Peter Buchan-Symons (2013, Mathematics)

Fold a brand new collection of Fantasy-themed origami models by Peter Buchan-Symons, one of the UK’s leading origami artists. Designed for…

Dramaturgy: The Basics

Dramaturgy: The Basics

Anne Hamilton (1983, Visiting Student)

Dramaturgy: The Basics introduces the art of dramaturgy, explaining how dramaturgy works, what a dramaturg is, and how to appreciate…

Staple Security: Bread and Wheat in Egypt

Jessica Barnes (2000, Geography)

Egyptians often say that bread is life; most eat this staple multiple times a day, many relying on the cheap…


Edward Clarke (1995, English)

The poems in Cherubims explore the complex labyrinth of childhood-and parenting-in ways that are unflinchingly candid, delightfully entertaining, and unmistakably…

Unshackled: Reimagining the Practice of Law

Paul T. Llewellyn (1994, Jurisprudence)

In Unshackled, Paul Llewellyn reimagines the practice of law as a more humane and human-centered career, presenting a practical plan…

Designing Engaging and Interactive Synchronous Online Class Sessions

Matthea Marquart (1995, Visiting Student)

Using Adobe Connect to Maximize its Pedagogical Value. (Matthea Marquart / EdTech Books, 2022)


Kenny Lam (1996, Law)

Written in Chinese, Choices presents a summary of Kenny Lam’s learnings throughout his illustrious career: from Senior Partner at McKinsey,…

Jerusalem: the story of a song

Edwin Lerner (1972, English)

Jerusalem: the story of a song is a popular history of England’s unofficial national anthem, which began life as a…

Motivation: The Ultimate Guide to Leading Your Team

Catherine Stothart (1976, English)

Motivation is regarded as a cornerstone of performance in the workplace, both personally and for organisations. If you are a…

Black Ghosts

Ken Kamoche (1988, Social Studies)

Dan Chiponda earns a scholarship to study in China and reluctantly leaves Zimbabwe for an uncertain future. While stoically dealing…

A Fragile Hope

Ken Kamoche (1988, Social Studies)

The short stories in A Fragile Hope are set in different locales, from Nairobi and small villages and slums in…

The Purpose Upgrade

Paul Skinner (1995, Modern Languages)

Change Your Business to Save the World. Change the World to Save Your Business History shows that hard times can…

The words 'A Tenpenny Dip in Paradise and other flights of fancy' on a background of clouds and a blue sky

A Tenpenny Dip in Paradise and other flights of fancy

Don Chapman (1952, English)

As Don Chapman recalls in his latest book, ‘the University was a far more chauvinist institution’ when he was an…

Front cover image of the book, with the title 'Seven Ways to Fix policing NOW'.

Seven Ways to Fix Policing NOW

Robert Peirce (1973, Modern History)

This practical guide to policing reform presents a call to action to address a threefold crisis in policing – a…

Precious Things

Bernard Hughes (1992, Music)

Devoted to Bernard Hughes’s choral music and programmed in close collaboration between the composer and The Epiphoni Consort, this portrait…

The Frictionless Organization

David Jaffe (1982, PPE)

The businesses that many of us admire most are companies like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Tesla and Xero. They are businesses…

Shadows of Fury

Keith Jacobsen (1967, Modern Languages)

A dying woman is suffocated in her hospital bed. Her last visitor, Madeleine Reed, is accused of the crime. There…

A Certain Logic of Expectations

Arturo Soto (2016, Fine Art)

A Certain Logic of Expectations proposes a counter-narrative of the British city of Oxford that resists the visual imperatives of…

The Robert Brown Handbook

David Mabberley (1967, Botany)

In the middle of the nineteenth century, Robert Brown (1773–1858) was considered a scientific titan and dubbed ‘Jupiter Botanicus’, the…

A Cultural History of Plants

David Mabberley, ed. (1967, Botany)

A Cultural History of Plants presents a global exploration of how plants have shaped human culture. Covering the last 12,000…

The Plant Hunter

Thomas Mogford (1996, Modern Languages)

London, 1867, and the King’s Road, Chelsea, is lined with exotic plant nurseries, catering to the Victorian obsession with rare…

Dying to Know

Rob Donovan (1967, Modern History)

I am a runner with a special local circuit. One and three-quarter miles up to the top of the hill…

Research Collaboration

Annette Bramley (1990, Metallurgy)

A step-by-step guide to success Collaboration is a defining feature of 21st-century research, with more and more people routinely traversing…

Rise and Shine

Kate Oliver (1988, Experimental Psychology)

The way you start your morning matters – it sets the tone for the rest of your day, shaping your…

A Complete Origami Nativity

Peter Buchan-Symons (2013, Mathematics)

With this book, you can fold over 30 original models to create your own origami Nativity scene! Along the way,…

The Upper World

Femi Fadugba (2006, Materials Science)

Esso is running out of time and into trouble. When he discovers he has the ability to see glimpses of…