The Governing Body of St Catherine’s College is made up of the Master and Fellows. It is the Governing Body which has responsibility for the direction and management of the affairs of the College.

The College functions under Statutes, By-Laws and regulations made under the authority granted by the Charter to the College. The Governing Body is responsible for “the government of the College as a place of learning, education and research” (Statute I.3). It under the provisions of By-Law VII.

The Master is the Head of the College, exercising “a general supervision over the affairs and management of the College and over the discipline and well-being of its student members” (Statute IV.1)

The other Officers of the College, who are Fellows, are: the Vice Master,  the Dean (discipline and well-being of students), the Senior Tutor and Academic Registrar (academic standards and administration), the Finance and Home Bursars (finances & investments and domestic arrangements & management of non-academic staff), the Tutor for Admissions, the Librarian, the Tutor for Graduates, the Dean of Degrees (presentation of candidates for matriculation and degrees, the Secretary of Governing Body and the Secretary for Alumni (Statute VII).

The Standing Committees that report to Governing Body under the provisions of By-Law VIII are:

The Finance Committee, the membership and terms of reference of which are described in Statute VIII, Statute IX and By-Law VIII. The other Standing Committees have membership and term of reference arrangements described in  By-Law VIII are; the Nominating Committee, the Academic Policy Committee, the Fellowships Committee, the Visiting Fellowships Committee, the Domestic Committee (functions discharged by the Student Liaison Committee), the Dispensations Committee, the Strategy Committee, the Computing Committee (see By-Law XI.22), the Alumni Committee, the Safety Committee, the Kobe Institute Committee, the Student Liaison Committee and the Development Committee.

The other committees which have membership and terms of reference arrangements described in By-Law VIII are:

The Development Council, the Garden Committee, the Library Committee, the Wine Committee, the Statutes Committee and the Archive Committee.

The membership and terms of reference of the Accommodation and Senior Common Room Committees are described in By-Law X.

Governing Body has approved the establishment of a committee to consider matters relating to equality and diversity, the Equality Committee. Details of the work of this Committee can be found on the equality and diversity pages of the College website.

Decisions are made in the context of intercollegiate policy decisions agreed amongst the Conference of Colleges and of the overall structure of the University of Oxford.

The College’s Annual Accounts record financial and strategic decisions.