We will continue to consider environmental and sustainability issues at the heart of every decision made in our buildings and domestic operations. Read on to find out more about how we are doing this.


Gardens and biodiversity

We have a wonderful green environment at Catz, which forms part of a network of wildlife corridors through Oxford.

We are continuously improving our biodiversity by considering how we manage the grounds and gardens for wildlife and nature.

We are monitoring wildlife, have relaxed management of the lawns and boundaries, and established a new wildflower meadow.


Buildings management

Operation and management of the built environment is carried out as efficiently as possible, and a continuous programme of improvements to increase efficiency and reduce consumption is under way.

Over the last 20 years we have carried out many efficiency improvements to the College, including building management system (BMS) development and double glazing to all rooms.


Food and catering

Our food is all sourced sustainably, and we seek continual improvements to reduce environmental impact and food miles. Food waste is also minimised.

We are committed to educating our community about positive choices in personal diet.

Our fish is all MSC certified, mostly landed at Brixham, and the vast majority of meat is locally sourced. We also run meat-free Mondays in Hall.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

In every aspect of the operation of Catz, we seek to minimise use of materials and resources.

Where possible, we reuse and repair items, ultimately ensuring that not only can as much as possible be recycled, but that it is effectively carried out.

We recycle two thirds of our waste, and are improving our composting. Single-use plastics are minimised, including during College events.


Water and energy

All our electricity comes from renewable sources.

We are also actively looking at ways to reduce consumption of utilities and improve efficiency through infrastructure improvements, and control and monitoring systems.

Energy efficiency initiatives have included improving controls, insulation, solar panels and installation of LED lighting.