Third Year Student Judges at International Maths Tournament

In the summer of 2018, current student Miroslav Marinov (2016, Mathematics) was a juror at the International Tournament of Young Mathematicians (ITYM), with his participation made possible through donations to the Alan Tayler Maths Fund.

The ITYM is a team competition for secondary school students from all over the world, with the aim of stimulating interest in mathematics and developing scientific thinking, communication skills and teamwork. Four months prior to the competition taking place, ten mathematical problems are published online, giving students time to prepare. The problems do not use much prerequisite theory, but are research-based and often contain parts with no known solution. During the tournament, the students present their results in a research debate.

In 2016, Miroslav took part in the competition as a student and thanks to his success he was invited back as a juror this year. Miroslav said: ‘With my participation in 2016 I was able to learn about fantastic structures such as Stirling numbers, Sidon sets, existence of square roots of functions and mean products. This year I was invited as a juror due to my previous experience of the event, and having successfully proposed two problems for this year’s competition.’

The role of juror involves challenging and asking questions of each of the students following their presentations, and assigning them a mark. Of the experience, Miroslav said: ‘My participation at this year’s ITYM has certainly enriched my experience and is making my life easier regarding other aspects of my work as a mathematician. I had the opportunity to network with other mathematicians and academics from various backgrounds, as well as sightsee around Paris, where the tournament was held. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Professor Marc Lackenby for supporting my participation in the ITYM, and especially to everyone involved in the Alan Tayler Maths Fund for providing the financial aid to make it possible.’

Pictured: Miroslav (left) with Dr David Zmiaikou, President of ITYM.