The Frank Allen Bullock Prize Winner Announced

St Catherine’s is delighted to announce that the Frank Allen Bullock Prize has been awarded to Catz student, JC Niala, who is reading for a DPhil in Social & Cultural Anthropology. The Frank Allen Bullock Prize was established in 1966, with the prize being awarded to the best piece of critical or creative writing, with any member of the College being able to submit an entry.

JC’s entry, Fieldnotes from an African anthropologist – nature’s lessons on place and belonging, is an extract from a non-fiction book that she is currently writing called A Loveliness of Ladybirds. Catz English Fellow, Bart van Es, who judged the entries said of JC’s piece, “It was the stand-out winner, combining environmentalism with questions of migration in a really original way, and was also visually interesting with its little drawings. The whole thing was an original combination of anecdote, scientific paper, and creative writing.”

Since submitting the piece for the Frank Allen Bullock Prize, Little Toller Publishers have offered JC a contract and will be publishing the full book in due course.

JC’s research looks at urban gardening, and for her DPhil she is carrying out research at allotments within the city of Oxford, with a focus on the finding out who these urban gardeners are, understand their motivations and participate in their process.

You can read the winning piece on the Little Toller’s blog here.

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