Academic Staff

Michael Cadilhac

BS, Dipl Ing EPITA, MSc Paris VII, PhD Montreal
College Lecturer in Computer Science

Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey

BMus Alaska Fairbanks, MMus Ithaca, MSt, DPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Music

Andrew Dann

BDSc, BE, PhD Queensland
College Lecturer in Engineering Science

Tobias Hermann

Dipl Ing, Dr Ing Stuttgart
College Lecturer in Engineering Science

Priyanka Dhopade

BEng Ryerson, MEng Monash, PhD New South Wales
College Lecturer in Engineering Science

Olga Gdula

BSc Bristol, MPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Economics

Emma Wolpert

MChem Oxf
College Lecturer in Chemistry

Béatrice Rea

BA McGill, MPhil Oxf
College Lecture in French and Linguistics

Vilma De Gasperin

Dott Lett Padua, DPhil Oxf
College Lecture in Italian (M18)

Tumba Shango Lokoho

Research Associate
Joint Maison française d'Oxford & Sub-Faculty of French Visiting Fellow, M18


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