St Catz exhibition of Pioneering Ukrainian Women moves to Bodleian libraries

On Friday, April 28th, St Catherine’s College librarian Barbara Costa participated in a panel discussion and showcase of the Pioneering Women in Ukraine exhibition which is now on display at the Taylor Institution Library, Bodleian Libraries.

Speaking alongside Dr Margarita Vaysman, Senior Lecturer, University of St Andrews and former Visiting Fellow at Catz; Daria Nepochatova, Creative Women Publishing Ukraine; Nick Hearn, Russian and French Subject Consultant at the Taylorian; and Dr Pany Xenophontos, panel chair, Barbara outlined how the exhibition came to being at Catz, from initial brainstorming with Dr Vaysman to conceptualising its transformation from an initial digital project into a series of physical prints.

Four adults sit beneath a display screen

“Initially there weren’t any objects, books, or archival material to support the display and this made the exhibition unique for us in College,” Barbara explained. “We created the objects for the narration of the project. The physical prints and labels are new media which served to tell the stories of remarkable women from the past paired with contemporary women from a contemporary war.

“This project benefitted the college community by bringing it together in a beautiful opening evening when Dasha and Margarita delivered powerful talks on the project an Ukrainian women. Now that it is displayed in a faculty library, it benefits the whole University.”

The exhibition, which is now a part of the College archives, will be displayed at the Taylor Institution Library at least through fifth week of Trinity Term, 2023. It will then return to the College archives before eventually moving to the Kharkiv Gender Museum on permanent loan.