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What does mankind really know?

When the thoughts of wise individuals across the ages, cultures and disciplines are put together, what a mess! Many are conflicting or contradictory. How do you make sense of it all? The author will summarise all aspects of human knowledge through philosophy, science, humanities, art and religion. The objective is not to provide modern humans with yet another definitive answer to the fundamental questions of life (probably a fool’s errand) but to provide modern mankind with a means to make sense of it all.

All these wise individuals are expressing what they truly believe but from their own perspective, not realising their perspective is unique to them. Human knowledge comes with an unknown degree of uncertainty. It is proposed that until mankind gets a better handle on the way the human mind works, how social interaction influences individual thought processes and the criteria that determine each individual’s belief systems, theories on the fundamental questions of life will remain conjecture.

(Peter Coffin / Malcolm Coffin, 2021)

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