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The Maths of Life and Death

The Maths of Life and Death (Quercus, 2019)

Maths underpins everything we do – the way we communicate, travel and even relax. In his new book, Dr Kit Yates takes the reader through an eye-opening explanation of the power of maths. Using real-life stories, Kit explores how the application (or misapplication) of maths plays a critical role; from investors who have lost fortunes, to parents who have lost children.

In The Maths of Life and Death, Kit arms us with the knowledge to use maths to our benefit, giving us simple rules and tools that can help us to make better decisions. This is not a book for mathematicians, there isn’t a single equation in it. It is for everyone to learn how using mathematics can enhance our lives; from the importance of questioning statistics and getting second opinions, to the rules that help us to choose the best seat on a train or the shortest queue at the supermarket.

This book – Kit’s first popular-science book – has already received rave reviews, with Ian McEwan describing it as ‘an exquisitely interesting book… delightfully readable’, and Marcus Du Sautoy calling Kit a ‘natural storyteller’.

The book is available in hardback, for e-reader and as an audiobook.

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