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Shadows of Fury

A dying woman is suffocated in her hospital bed. Her last visitor, Madeleine Reed, is accused of the crime. There are no witnesses. Madeleine cannot recall committing the murder and has no motive. She claims to be pursued by the Furies, punitive figures from Greek mythology, who alone can bring the truth to light. But can she bear to uncover the horrific, distant memories she has repressed for so long?

Shadows of Fury is the final instalment of the ‘Furies Trilogy’, of which the previous volumes are Place of a Skull (Thames River Press, 2013) and Sisters of Fury (Book Guild Ltd, 2015). Though independent of each other in terms of plot and character, they share the same focus on the psychological aspects of crime, vengeance and retribution.

(Keith Jacobsen / The Book Guild, 2022)

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