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Front cover image of the book, with the title 'Seven Ways to Fix policing NOW'.

Seven Ways to Fix Policing NOW

This practical guide to policing reform presents a call to action to address a threefold crisis in policing – a catastrophic loss of trust between police and the communities they serve; a sharp increase in violent crime after decades of decline; and a serious recruitment and retention challenge depleting police departments across the United States.

The authors also recognise that, while these issues are now top of mind, policing needs far-reaching reform in order to respond to changes in society and its expectations, changes in crime and other threats to public safety, new technologies, and developments in best practice. Most reform to date has been piecemeal, as the book describes. The time has come to take a comprehensive look at every aspect of policing.

(Robert Peirce / Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2022)

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