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Cover of Darwin's Psychology

Darwin’s Psychology

This book presents a Darwin new to contemporary science, lighting a way forward for those who seek to base psychology on the foundation of evolutionary biology, while challenging the misunderstandings and misrepresentations of Darwin’s work current in biology and the social sciences.

It is the first book dedicated to examining Darwin’s own extensive writings about agency, interdependence, and psychological matters, proving that Darwin’s psychology stands at the forefront of twenty-first century moves toward an evolutionary biology in which organisms lead and genes follow.

Darwin’s Psychology also shows that, for Darwin, what is most human about human agency flows from the fact we are what he called ‘social animals,’ whether we are talking about emotions, sexual desire, conscience, or culture, and thus, in developing this social approach, his work challenges the assumption that psychology can make sense as the study of individuals.

(Ben Bradley / OUP, 2020)

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