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Carlotta the Musical

Released with collaborator and composer, Filippo Cosentino, Carlotta the Musical is a story about a truffle-hunting dog, the family who adopts her, and the challenges of finding ever-fewer truffles.

Carlotta the Musical is meant for children but with appeal to adults, with messages about parenting, guarding the environment, and confronting evils. Carlotta is a Lagotto Romagnolo, the last born of the last litter of her mother, Angelica. She is pure white and her brothers are shades of copper-brown. Paolo, a boy who lost his mother, falls in love with her, but his father, Giovanni, is skeptical that Carlotta will be able to find truffles. During one night in the woods, she hears the truffle, Bruno, who urges her to leave him alone. As the story comes to a close, there is tragedy that teaches Giovanni, Paolo and Carlotta lessons to guide their lives forever more.

(James Spellman / Ipogeo, 2021)

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