At Catz I deliver tutorials to undergraduate geographers. For Prelims, I teach geomorphology and climatology as part of the Earth Systems’ Processes course and remote sensing and geomorphological methods as part of the Geographical Techniques course. For FHS, I teach the palaeoclimate and global sediment systems topics in the Earth Systems’ Dynamics course and tutorials on the scientific method and modelling in physical geography for the Geographical Thought course. I also supervise undergraduate dissertation projects.


I am a geomorphologist, currently completing a DPhil at the School of Geography and the Environment. My interests lie in the long term evolution of Earth’s landscapes and what they tell us about past climate and environmental change, as well as what these changes meant for ancient humans. Primarily, I work on long term environmental changes in south-east Arabia and the dating of sediments from ancient rivers and lakes using luminescence dating, but I am also interested in other geochronological methods (such as radiocarbon dating) and the application of satellite image analysis for interpreting the Earth’s surface. I completed my undergraduate in Geography at the University of Oxford (Regent’s Park College) and also hold an MRes from University College London.