I teach undergraduates in Mathematics in particular in the applied topics.

About me

Before my move to the UK I was awarded a Heisenberg Fellowship and a Habilitation Fellowship by the German Research Foundation.  I am an alumnus of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.


My research combines mathematical modelling with asymptotic as well as numerical methods, such as spectral methods, finite elements and finite differences. I also work on stability analysis and solutions of conservation laws associated with high-order partial differential equations. My fields of application cover problems in fluid and solid mechanics, in particular many coating problems ranging from Marangoni driven flows to problems in nano- and micro-fluidics, and from problems with non-Newtonian rheology to the self-assembly of solid nano-structured thin films.  Through my long-term industrial contracts I have also worked on modelling and the numerical simulation of flows of charged particles in an ionic carrier liquid.

The fundamental interest in micro- and nano-scale phenomena as well as the increasing importance of applications of nanomaterials in particular in the energy sector has focused my recent research on topics such as nanostructuring of evaporative polymer blends and infiltration of nano-porous media for the optimisation of organic solar cells.

Graduate supervision

I supervise DPhil students and am happy to talk to prospective DPhil students in Applied Mathematics.

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