Professor Sara Khalid is Associate Professor of Health Informatics and Biomedical Data Science. She is Head of the Planetary Health Informatics Lab at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford. She is a UKRI NERC Senior Fellow in Creating Digital Environments and a National Geographic Explorer in Remote Monitoring and Machine Learning. Sara has also served as Oxford Ambassador for Women in Data Science.

Sara’s research applies artificial intelligence to international real-world health and environment data, in order to further our understanding of disease and fills the gaps in global health, leveraging common data models and federated network analytics. She works closely with clinicians, earth observation engineers, clinical and environmental epidemiologists, conservationists, data scientists, and public and patient groups in the UK, Europe, Latin America, and South Asia to co-create models for equitable and ethical solutions for planetary health problems.  To find out more about here research and teaching, please visit: