About me

I studied medicine and psychology at Cambridge and in London before coming to Oxford as a Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry in 1977 where I also completed a DPhil in philosophy. In 1995 I set up the first academic research and teaching centre for philosophy and mental health at Warwick University although continuing as an Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist in Oxford. Between 2005 and 2011 I was a Special Adviser for Values-based Practice (a practical off-shoot of the philosophy of psychiatry) in the Department of Health.

In 2012 I gave up my clinical licence but continue with research and teaching in philosophy and psychiatry and related areas of values-based practice. I also have a number of commercial interests.

Research and Publications

My particular research interest is in the applications of philosophical value theory to psychiatry and other areas of medicine (although I have worked also on a range of other topics in philosophy and psychiatry). My recent publications include, The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry, and Essential Values-based Practice. I am Founder Editor of the journal, Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, and of the book series International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry.