About me

I moved to Oxford in 2010 to work at the Environmental Change Institute and since 2014 I’ve been college’s lecturer in Environmental Geography. It’s something I’ve really, really enjoyed as my interests and research really tread the lines between physical, human and technical aspects of the subject. With many of the big issues of the day being impossible to address without a range of different conceptual lenses and a holistic insights from both natural and social sciences I’ve enjoyed watching cohorts of students start to unpick the messy issues that surround the environment and how best to manage it. Alongside my role at Catz I now work as a Senior Natural Capital Scientist for the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology where I can work with policy makers faced with coming up with solutions to these kinds of challenge in practice!


My research focuses on integrating understanding across a range of environmental sectors and disciplines in both the natural and social sciences. In broad terms, I address the research question: “How can we best manage the environment in a way that considers the interdependencies between its different components?“. I have a particular interest in natural capital and ecosystem services, climate change adaptation and land use change. I work with large modelling teams to develop integrated models that combine top-of-the range models from individual environmental sectors to address complex environmental questions. For example, one of my current works with the Welsh government to address questions around the future of the welsh landscape following Brexit.