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Professor Jose Harris (1941-2023) News

15 September 2023

Professor Jose Harris (1941-2023)

St Catherine’s College is saddened to share the news that Professor Jose Harris FBA, Emeritus Professor of Modern History, has …

Gregory Doran named as next Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor News

9 May 2023

Gregory Doran named as next Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor

St Catherine’s College is delighted to announce that Gregory Doran has been appointed as the 30th Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor …

Professor Sir Brian Smith (1933-2023) News

19 May 2023

Professor Sir Brian Smith (1933-2023)

St Catherine’s College is saddened to share the news that Professor Sir Brian Smith, former Master of St Catherine’s College, …

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11 November 2022

Michael Sullivan

Dr Michael Sullivan

11 October 2022

Przemysław Wałęga

Dr Przemysław Wałęga
I teach two courses in St Catz, namely Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

2 September 2022

Costanza Beltrami

Dr Costanza Beltrami

24 August 2022

Momo Komatsu

Momo Komatsu

16 August 2022

Pany Xenophontos

Dr Pany Xenophontos

10 August 2022

Adele Jackson

Adele Jackson

9 August 2022

Sam Woor

Sam Woor
At Catz I deliver tutorials to undergraduate geographers and also supervise undergraduate dissertation projects.

9 August 2022

John Lynch

Dr John Lynch
At Catz I help teach on the BA Geography degree, providing tutorials on climate science and ecology, study classes on statistics and scientific research skills, and supervising physical geography dissertation projects.

4 November 2021

Ramy Aboushelbaya

Dr Ramy Aboushelbaya

9 December 2019

Hibba Mazhary

Ms Hibba Mazhary

2 December 2019

Nick Hu

Mr Nick Hu

2 December 2019

Derek Hollman

Dr Derek Hollman

2 December 2019

James Frost

Dr James Frost

2 December 2019

Rajendra Chitnis

Dr Rajendra Chitnis

13 October 2019

Xavier Bach

Dr Xavier Bach

26 September 2019

Louise Upton

Dr Louise Upton

17 September 2019

Andrew Frampton

Andrew Frampton

I teach several undergraduate courses on music of the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries.

8 November 2018

Amr Abdelgany

Dr Amr Abdelgany

8 November 2018

Zubin Siganporia

8 November 2018

Simon Bergant

Simon Bergant

8 November 2018

Robert Dunford

Dr Robert Dunford

7 November 2018

Joel Ward

Dr Joel Ward

19 August 2018

Dominic Alonzi

Dr Dominic Alonzi

12 August 2018

Paul Bagot

Dr Paul Bagot
For 7 years I have tutored a range of topics to undergraduates at St Catherine’s, focused on fundamentals such as kinetics, thermodynamics, electrochemistry and also applied materials problems such as corrosion and surfaces/interfaces.

15 July 2018

Simon Cassidy

Dr Simon Cassidy

5 July 2018

Alejandra Crosta

Alejandra Crosta

30 June 2018

Puneet Dhaliwal

Dr Puneet Dhaliwal

17 June 2018

Ai Fletcher

Dr Ai Fletcher

11 June 2018

Eve Fryer

Dr Eve Fryer

6 June 2018

Stephen Goddard

Dr Stephen Goddard

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