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Professor Jose Harris (1941-2023) News

15 September 2023

Professor Jose Harris (1941-2023)

St Catherine’s College is saddened to share the news that Professor Jose Harris FBA, Emeritus Professor of Modern History, has …

Gregory Doran named as next Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor News

9 May 2023

Gregory Doran named as next Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor

St Catherine’s College is delighted to announce that Gregory Doran has been appointed as the 30th Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor …

Professor Sir Brian Smith (1933-2023) News

19 May 2023

Professor Sir Brian Smith (1933-2023)

St Catherine’s College is saddened to share the news that Professor Sir Brian Smith, former Master of St Catherine’s College, …

Latest News & Events

1 November 2018

Simon Clark

Simon Clark

20 August 2018

Geoffrey Allen

Professor Sir Geoffrey Allen

15 August 2018

Aru Arumugam

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri A P Arumugam

31 July 2018

Michael Billington

Michael Billington

29 July 2018

John Birt

John Birt, the Rt Hon Lord Birt of Liverpool

28 July 2018

Victor Blank

Sir Victor Blank

22 July 2018

Christopher Brown

Professor Christopher Brown

16 July 2018

Richard Carwardine

Professor Richard Carwardine
Rhodes Professor of American History 2002–9

13 July 2018

Noam Chomsky

Professor Noam Chomsky

26 June 2018

Ian Dove

Sir Ian Dove

20 June 2018

Brian Fender

Professor Sir Brian Fender
Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry 1963–84

9 June 2018

Peter Galbraith

Peter Galbraith

7 June 2018

Mark Getty

Mark Getty

15 May 2018

Anthony Henfrey

Anthony Henfrey

15 May 2018

Nigel Hitchin

Professor Nigel Hitchin
Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics 1979–1990

1 May 2018

Giles Keating

Giles Keating

18 April 2018

Cameron Mackintosh

Sir Cameron Mackintosh

16 April 2018

Peter Mandelson

Peter Mandelson, the Rt Hon Lord Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool

9 March 2018

Raymond Plant

Raymond Plant, the Rt Hon Lord Plant of Highfield
Master 1994–9

5 March 2018

Ramachandra Rao

Professor Ramachandra Rao

18 February 2018

Graeme Segal

Professor Graham Segal
Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics 1966–88; Professorial Fellow 1988–90

16 February 2018

Vee Meng Shaw

Vee Meng Shaw

5 February 2018

Nicholas Stern

Nicholas Stern, the Rt Hon Lord Stern of Brentford
Fellow and Tutor in Economics 1971–7

2 February 2018

Joseph Stiglitz

Professor Joseph Stiglitz

13 January 2018

John Walker

Sir John Walker

8 January 2018

Peter Williams

Sir Peter Williams
Master 2000–2

7 January 2018

Simon Winchester

Simon Winchester

4 January 2018

Ruth Wolfson

Ruth Wolfson, Lady Wolfson

2 January 2018

David Yates

Professor David Yates