Catz scores silver in Norrington Table

St Catherine’s has come second in the 2019-20 Norrington Table.

The Table ranks the 35 Oxford colleges and Permanent Private Halls that accept undergraduates and is released each year, using the performance of final-year students. This latest iteration, using data from students who finished their studies in 2020, was released some months later than usual following the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ranking is calculated by taking the degree classifications (first class, 2:1, 2:2, and third class) that were awarded to final-year undergraduate students, assigning them a value and ultimately expressing this as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the better the performance of the College is judged to be.

In the most recent data released for Catz, 70 out of 122 finalists achieved a first-class degree and 50 obtained a 2:1. This translated as a score of 82.5% in the Norrington Table.

Professor Kersti Börjars, Master of St Catherine’s, commented: ‘I am delighted that Catz has achieved second place in this year’s Norrington Table. With the academic year being severely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, our students undoubtedly had to work harder than ever to achieve their degrees.

‘This score is a testament to the talent and dedication of our students and those who teach them. Well done to all!’

The Norrington Table is named after Sir Arthur Norrington, former President of Trinity College, who devised the table in the 1960s. You can see a detailed explanation of how it is calculated, and the data sets for each College, on the University of Oxford website.


Image: John Cairns