New Research Funding for Catz Fellow

Alex Teytelboym, Associate Professor of Economics and Tutorial Fellow at Catz, has received a prestigious three-year New Investigator Grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to fund a new research project. The ESRC’s New Investigator Grants exist to support early career researchers, with the scheme especially aimed at supporting those making the transition to being an independent researcher.

Alex has an ambitious research agenda for the next three years. Entitled ‘Designing Markets with Complementaries’, his project and will build on his doctoral and postdoctoral work with plans to advance our understanding of complex matching markets and combinatorial auctions. His theoretical and experimental work has applications in many significant policy areas, including refugee resettlement, electricity markets, and ecosystem marketplaces.

Earlier this year, Alex was named Deputy Director of the Economics of Sustainability Programme at the Institute of New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School. His recent research in environmental economics has included work on carbon pricing, green growth, and economic complexity.

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