Meeting Minds Global Event (13-14 September 2021)

St Catz invites you to the University of Oxford’s Meeting Minds Global event (13-14 September 2021).

Meeting Minds offers the latest research, academic insights and interactive workshops to kick start your week. Below, you will find the exclusive St Catz programme – it’s not one to be missed.

Register once and pay just £10 to access as many sessions and recordings as you wish during the event, and after. The event charge is per household so gather your family and friends to join you.

Monday 13 September,  5-6pm BST
Alex Teytelboym, Associate Professor in Economics and Fellow at St Catherine’s College, will discuss How Auctions Can Save Ecosystems.

Many ecosystems are in peril. To protect these ecosystems, landowners need to be incentivised to manage their land differently. Alex will describe how we can use large-scale auctions to create and preserve habitats. In particular, he will talk about recent forest conservation auctions in the US and auctions for turtle dove habitat in England.

Tuesday 14 September,  12-1pm BST
Bart van Es, Professor of English Literature and Fellow at St Catherine’s College, will comment on creative non-fiction and provide an overview of his non-fiction biography of a childhood holocaust survivor, The Cut Out Girl.

In 2019 Bart van Es’s creative non-fiction biography of a childhood holocaust survivor, The Cut Out Girl, won the overall Costa Book of the Year.  In this talk he describes the process of writing the book and also discusses experimental non-fiction more widely, including his current research project on Shakespeare.

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13 September, 2021




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