By remembering St Catherine’s College in your will, you are ensuring that future generations of students will benefit from the high quality education and experience we offer. We are exceptionally grateful to all of our alumni and friends who have pledged to make this most personal of gifts.

The Dean Kitchin Circle

The Dean Kitchin Circle recognises and thanks those who have remembered St Catherine’s in their will.

Gifts in wills are an important source of funding for all charitable organisations, and St Catherine’s is no exception. Legacies, however large or small, enable donors to remember St Catherine’s, often by giving sums which would not have been feasible during their lifetimes. It is a very personal way of giving, and from the moment you pledge you know that you are making a commitment to the future of the College.

A Legacy costs nothing in your lifetime. There are several ways to frame a gift, from leaving a specified sum of money, to a residuary gift, or percentage of your estate, making sure your family and loved ones will be taken care of before your donation is committed. Increasingly, many of our Legators also choose to leave additional smaller gifts during their lifetime, with the benefit of witnessing the direct impact their help is making.

Further information on the different types of Legacy gifts can be found in our Legacy Brochure, and we are always happy to discuss any specific questions directly.

For more information about remembering Catz in your will, please contact the Director of Development, Anna Fowler, directly (e-mail:, telephone: 01865 281585).

Thank you.

Legacies and Wills