Giving Day 2024 Success!

Our first-ever Giving Day was a rousing success, raising £191,408 from 448 donors in 36 hours, a remarkable show of generosity and support from the Catz community.

The Giving Day’s fundraising focus was on the Emergency and Unrestricted Fund, which supports the College as we mitigate the effects of RAAC on our day-to-day operations, through the development and running of temporary structures and the completion of extensive remedial work.  These vital investments are costly and a significant drain on our financial resources, especially as we look toward the future work necessary to fully repair and restore the site. We also raised funds for our Student Support Fund, ensuring we remain true to our founding ethos of equality of opportunity, and our Teaching and Research Fund, in support of the iconic tutorial system.

It was a real global effort, with people from 23

countries around the world donating, hailing from the UK, the USA, Canada, Germany, France, China, the UAE, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Argentina, Romania, Czechia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Jamaica, Ireland, Thailand and Colombia donating!

While alumni from every decade from the 1950s onwards donated, our winners for the matriculant decade group were the 1960s with 40 donors, a narrow victory against the 1970s with 39 donors.

On-site fun was had in support of the day, with a coffee and cake hour hosted by the Master and a welfare hour with the College dogs Catherine and Pippi in the JCR garden.

Our gratitude goes to everyone who lent their support to this Giving Day. Whether by donating, sharing your memories on our Memory Wall or participating in events, you’ve offered hope and support for the next generation of Catz students, ensuring a brighter future for the College and showing that our connection to Catz does not end at graduation.

If you would like to participate in the Giving Day, our site is still live and any gifts given over the next week will still be counted in the final totals.

Donate Now!

From all of us at Catz, thank you!