Foreign Minister returns to College

Catz alumnus Sayyid Badr Albusaidi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman, returned to College on 17th October to give a talk drawing on his important role and vast experience within the Omani Government to a captivated student audience.

Hosted in the Master’s Lodgings, Sayyid Badr spoke in great depth about his career in international relations and what he considers to be the root of the political problems in the Middle East, contemplating at one point that “International Relations should be a win-win situational for all”, but too often falls short of that. He then began taking questions and comments from the floor and facilitated an extensive and insightful discussion with the event’s attendees.

One attendee called the event “one of the most beneficial conversations I’ve attended”, and it is certainly the case that everyone that came to hear Sayyid Badr talk left the evening having benefited in some way from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Many thanks to Catz for lively questions and enjoyable hospitality. Delighted to meet the Master and his guests.

— Badr Albusaidi (@badralbusaidi) October 17, 2017