Alumni News in Brief

Richard Atkins QC (1985, Law) was last year elected, and is now serving, as Chair of the Bar Council for 2019. Founded in 1894, the Bar Council is the organisation that represents barristers across England and Wales and aims to promote fair access to justice for all.

Dr Saul Moorhouse (2005, Chemistry) was recently presented with the Salters’ Centenary Award, which recognises and supports individuals starting out in their career who have the potential to make an outstanding long-term contribution to industries using chemistry and chemical engineering.

Professor Adrian Sutton FRS (1973, Metallurgy), Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London, won the David Tabor Medal and Prize at the 2018 Institute of Physics Awards in November, for his ‘definitive contributions to the nanophysics of interfaces in crystalline materials, atomic and electronic structures of surfaces, dislocations and kinks, current-induced mechanical instabilities in nanowires, and dislocation electrodynamics during shock loading.’

Dr Astrid Woollard (2007, Plant Sciences) received the award for Best Female Fund Manager at the 2019 Investorinnen Awards in Austria, recognising her achievements in the Austrian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Dr Woollard is a partner at Scytale Ventures, an international venture capital fund investing into blockchain technology.

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