Catz Fellow made University Assessor

Professor Ben Bollig, Catz Fellow and Tutor in Spanish and Professor of Spanish American Literature, has been admitted as the University’s Assessor today, the Wednesday of 9th week.

The Assessor is chosen by the Colleges on a rota. The role, created in 1960, sits within the University Proctors’ Office and has a special concern ‘for policies on student health, welfare and financial issues.’

Assessors can be recognised by their distinctive purple robes and white hood.

Ben works on contemporary literature and film in Latin America, with a particular focus on Argentina and its poetry. He recently published a book on the cinematic adaptation of poetry in Argentina, entitled Moving Verses, and a volume edited with David M.J. Wood, The Poetry-Film Nexus in Latin America, as well as a volume of translations of Cristian Aliaga’s travel prose poetry, Music for Unknown Journeys. He is an editor of Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies and co-edited Latin American Cultural Studies: A Reader (Routledge, 2017, pbk 2019)

Many congratulations to Ben for this appointment.