Catz alumnus named Leader of New Zealand’s Opposition

Catz alumnus Simon Bridges (2004, Law) was yesterday voted leader of New Zealand’s opposition party, the National Party. Simon studied the BCL at St Catz before returning to New Zealand, where he has been a MP for Tauranga since 2008, during which time he has served as Minister of Transport, Minister of Economic Development and Leader of the House, among other Cabinet roles.

He is the first person with Maori ancestry to serve as leader of the National Party, and the first to lead a major party in New Zealand.

In a statement, Simon called the new role an ‘enormous privilege’ and thanked his colleagues for ‘giving me the opportunity to lead a strong, united and focused Opposition with the ideas and talent to continue to take New Zealand forward’. His next step now will be to strengthen the National Party ahead of the next General Election, due to take place in 2020.

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