Andrew Dickinson made Honorary Senior Fellow of BIICL

Professor Andrew Dickinson, Catz Fellow and Professor of Law, has been made an Honorary Senior Fellow of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL).

Andrew, a Fellow at St Catz since 2013, was previously a Visiting Fellow at the BIICL. He is also a Fellow of the European Law Institute, an Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law and a member of the Mance Committee (the UK Government’s advisory body on private international law matters).

The BIICL is one of the world’s leading independent legal research centres, focusing on international and comparative law. Its Fellows are appointed by the organisation’s Board of Trustees in recognition of their outstanding and ongoing contribution. Andrew is one of only 14 current Honorary Senior Fellows at the BIICL, including a number of others from the University of Oxford.

‘A privilege’

Commenting on his appointment, Andrew said: ‘It means a lot to me to have been made an Honorary Senior Fellow at BIICL. My connection to the Institute dates back to 2003, when Professor Mads Andenas invited me to take up the position of Visiting Fellow in Private International Law.

‘It has been a privilege to be involved in the Institute’s activities in that field since then, working closely with Professor Eva Lein, the Institute’s Senior Research Fellow in Private International Law and Director of its Centre for Comparative Law.’

The BIICL conducts research, hosts seminars and produces publications in all areas relating to public and private international law, comparative law and European law.

Andrew’s recent work at Catz has focused on a wide range of issues, including Brexit and cryptocurrencies.

About Professor Andrew Dickinson

Professor Andrew Dickinson has been a Fellow of St Catherine’s since 2013. Before this, he practised as a solicitor with Clifford Chance in London and was a Professor in Private International Law at Sydney Law School.

Professor Dickinson’s main area of research relates to the conflict between international laws, with a focus on European Union instruments.