Alumni QC appointments

St Catherine’s is pleased to share the news that two of its alumni have been successfully appointed as Queen’s Counsel (QC).

Saima Hanif (1998, Law) and David Temkin (1991, Modern History) will officially become QCs from 15 March.

The appointment of QC is one of the highest within the legal profession and recognises a lawyer’s advanced advocacy skills within court.

Saima Hanif

Two years after graduating from Catz, Saima took up a tenancy at a leading public law set. During chance secondments to first the then Financial Services Authority, followed by the Bank of England, in the midst of the Credit Crunch, she was immersed in banking and financial services regulation.

This brought home the importance of regulation, not just to individual consumers, but also to global economic stability. Finding the intersection between law and economics fascinating, Saima had discovered her professional calling.

After a series of significant personal and professional life events, she joined 3VB, a specialist banking and finance chambers. With financial regulation spanning continents, Saima works in multiple jurisdictions, including Dubai, Hong Kong and Guernsey.

Commenting on her appointment, Saima said: ‘I had the privilege of being taught by Professor Timothy Endicott and Dr Michael Spence. Their tutorials captured my imagination and I graduated at 21 knowing I wanted to be a barrister. I have been on a journey since then, culminating in my appointment as Queen’s Counsel.

‘As I look forward to the next phase of my professional life as QC, I remain hugely grateful for my time at Catz and the tutors I was lucky to have – the experience nourished and encouraged my young mind and was the catalyst for my passion for the law.’

David Temkin

David was called to the Bar in 2000 after a short career in education. He specialises in serious crime, health and safety cases and professional disciplinary work, dividing his time equally between prosecuting and defending.

He frequently conducts high-profile and complex trials, including murder, terrorism, baby-shaking fatalities, rape and child abuse, large-scale drug trafficking and multi-million pound frauds. He regularly represents police officers facing criminal allegations and before their disciplinary panel. He also has a notable practice at the General Medical Council.

David sits as a Recorder in the Crown Court and is heavily involved in the education and training of barristers.

St Catherine’s extends very warm congratulations to both of them.