2018 Finalists in Historic Norrington Table Success

We’re delighted to announce a wonderful performance from this year’s Catz Finalists, who have performed outstandingly and brought the College to 3rd place in the Norrington Table – the first time St Catz has reached this level in 35 years.

We have much to celebrate, with the largest proportion of our Finalists, 63, achieving First-Class Honours, and 58 achieving Upper Second-Class Honours. Those awarded Firsts make up nearly 50% of the year group – a reflection both of our students’ hard work and dedication, and also of the excellence of the teaching they receive.

The Master, Professor Roger Ainsworth, commented: “Many congratulations are due to the recent cohort of Finalists, whose consistent hard work has led to their outstanding performance and well deserved success – every last one should be very proud of what they have achieved. Their results are also a wonderful tribute to the supportive and inspiring teaching of the tutors here at Catz. Besides their academic work, our students have found time to make significant impacts in the wider society.  Congratulations to all, and my very best wishes for whatever the next step may be!”

The Norrington Table ranks the academic performance of each college in finals, and is based on the classifications of undergraduate degrees awarded. The full table can be viewed on the University website.